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Camp Guidelines

  1. Check-in time starts at 3:00PM on Thursday. Check-out is 3:00PM on Sunday. Please notify us if you will be a late check-in after 8PM.

  2. Quiet hours are from10PM- 9AM. There is no stop time set for open game play in any of the general gaming spaces. However, quiet hours are established for shared spaces within the lodges/cabins to ensure a peaceful and enjoyable experience for all campers. Please end or move gaming to a general gaming space after 10PM.

  3. Private wood burning campfires are not allowed. Firewood will be provided by the camp for use in communal fire pits and fireplaces. Do not light fireplaces without asking for assistance to ensure proper use. Abide by all fire safety precautions - do not leave a fire unattended and douse when finished.

  4. Please utilize the designated communal campfire or cooking grills located in each cabin cluster or fire pit near the Farmhouse. Use of propane stoves or self contained grills for cooking on primitive sites is allowed. Cooking inside of lodge rooms is strictly prohibited. Please utilize lodge kitchenettes for any plug-in appliances and unplug when finished.

  5. Bundle and dispose of trash and recyclables in designated bins or dumpsters to maintain cleanliness and protect the environment.

  6. Alcohol is prohibited in all areas of the camp. Limited special permission will be obtained by S'mores & Meeples hosted events only, if scheduled.

  7. Smoking is not permitted inside any of the camp's facilities. Please use outdoor designated smoking areas and be sure to extinguish and dispose properly.

  8. No pets are permitted except in the case of service animals/medical necessity.

  9. Please park all vehicles in the general parking lot and overflow (grass) in the middle of camp. Vehicles may be parked temporarily for loading and unloading at cabin or lodge sites if needed. Parking at sites for accessibility purposes can be requested.

  10. Adhere to a safe speed limit (15mph) within the camp to ensure the safety of all campers.

  11. Linens are not provided. Please bring all linens, toiletries, and camp necessities. Cabins will be allowed the use of one space heater if needed and are required to be off while not attended.

  12. Only battery powered generators for RV/Primitive sites are approved for supplementing electric.

  13. Day or overnight visitors are not permitted. All camp guests are required to have a badge.

  14. Please protect our natural resources. Do not disturb wildlife, damage trees or vegetation, and follow all designated trails and paths.

  15. Familiarize yourself with the camp's location of emergency exits, first aid stations, and emergency contact information, provided at check-in.

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