Our 2018 S'mores and Meeples shirt is now available for Pre-Order!


Show your support by picking up the limited edition camp t-shirt for yourself or a friend.


Pre-Order closes on 8/31.

Will ship or be available for pickup the week of our event.


*Remember: If you are registered attendee for our 2018 event, it includes one shirt. 


All proceeds benefit camp activites.

2018 S'mores and Meeples T-Shirt

  • Unisex Cotton Tee

    Forest Green


    These shirts are not pre-shrunk

About Us

S'mores and Meeples is an annual camping and board gaming vacation. If you share a love of the outdoors and a passion for board games, we invite you to join us. Unplug and relax around the campfire, learn new games, make new friends, and create lasting memories for you and your family.

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