Featured Event: Pandemic Survival Discovery

Hey Meeples! Check out the first featured event of 2019 S'mores & Meeples weekend! Z-Man Games has joined us as a contributor this year and we are happy to announce that we will be hosting a Pandemic Survival Discovery event! If you aspire to be the world's greatest epidemiologist then be sure to sign up when the time comes. We will be seeking several teams to go head-to-head and to be the first to eradicate all four diseases running rampant across the globe. Pandemic Discovery is set up similarly to the Survival series, but it focuses more on casual gameplay. Be the first to find all of the cures or be the last man standing. Registration will be required to participate and further instructions on signing up will be available after August 31st. Who will be S'mores & Meeples 2019 Pandemic hero? Learn more about the official Pandemic Survival Tournament Series HERE.

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