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S'mores & Meeples Returns!

Hello everyone! I am so excited to finally announce that S'mores & Meeples is back on for 2021. Although, I'd like to mention that there are some very important changes for this year while we still work with COVID capacity limitations and safety protocols. Please find those changes outlined in the below.

We have decided to host our 2021 weekend from October 1st - October 3rd this year. I know this is the same weekend of Origins so I am very sorry if this creates a conflict for those who are already planning to attend that event or for others who have prior commitments. Interest in camping is on an uptick and this was the only weekend that we still had plenty of accommodations to choose from. Mostly cabins, as those are by far the most popular!

I've released a video (S'mores & Meeples on Youtube and Facebook) as well outlining some of the changes for this year, but to summarize (and also make note of a change or two I FORGOT to mention in the video), I'm posting those details here too.

  1. You must call for cabin reservations. These are blocked out online and you will only be able to reserve by calling the KOA and letting them know you are with the S'mores & Meeples group.

  2. KOA can accommodate more campers than our current event capacity limits. Although you can make your reservation now, badge registration will not open until May 1st 7AM and will be on a first come first serve basis. I will have no room to budge here, so please be aware, this is the most important aspect of this year's weekend.

  3. We are optimistic that by October, capacity limits will change and should allow us to open more badge registrations. If you secure a site, but do not get a badge, please do not be discouraged. We will continue to make announcements on this when more information becomes available.

  4. There is only one badge price this year - no early bird pricing and no Little Meeple pricing. The cost per attendee is $49.00

  5. Badge cost was reduced for this year because we will not be offering catering. To safely handle our event, we want to limit major food handling and eating in the lodge. It is preferable that you eat all your meals at your site and limit snacking within the lodge.

  6. Saturday badges at this point in time are to be determined. A very large percentage of our attendees are weekend campers. Due to the current limitations, if any additional capacity is allowed, this will be opened up to more campers first. As we come closer to our weekend and can accommodate Saturday visitors, we will announce that as soon as possible.

Now for some good news! S'mores & Meeples will be celebrating its 5th birthday this year, so we would love for you to share with us in that awesome milestone! We will have cake and we are planning on making this a fun event. Also, we didn't have the opportunity to do Halloween last year, so I'm officially dubbing this year MEEPLEWEEN. Stay tuned for more on that! Lot's of things returning and some other things still in the works.

We look forward to seeing everyone this year.

Happy Gaming!

Megan & Jason


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