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Welcome to S'mores and Meeples, where we are passionate about creating memorable camping experiences for our gaming friends and families.

Our Story

We started S'mores and Meeples Board Game Camp in the summer of 2017. Our first event was held at KOA campground in West Chester, PA and we had less than ten campers. We have quickly grown to host close to150 campers and have had guests come from all over the northeast territory of the US. We realized early on that there was a much larger community of people who share these same two passions, and thus, S'mores and Meeples continues on with an annual game camp weekend each fall. This year we find ourselves at a new location in Spring City, PA, a private summer camp, which gives us a lot more event space to work with!

Image by Leon Contreras

Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage people to unplug and connect with nature, create meaningful memories through camping, and foster friendships through tabletop gaming. We believe that spending quality time gathered around a campfire and enjoying board games is a unique and enriching experience that brings people closer together. We believe that the joy of camping and board gaming is amplified when shared with like-minded individuals, and we strive to create a space where everyone feels welcome and valued.

What We Offer

At S'mores and Meeples, we offer a wide range of activities including special events, tournaments, free play, demos, game swaps, and more. We have established partnerships to support local businesses within the gaming community such as conventions, meetups, FLGS, ambassadors, game designers and publishers, which allows us to create new and unique experiences for our guests each year. Take a break and cozy up by the fireplace, go for a refreshing walk in the woods, or enjoy a campfire meal. Don't miss out on s'mores!


Our Community

We are amazed with the game camping community that all of you have helped build at S'mores and Meeples. Whether you've just been introduced to gaming, are an experienced player, and you love camping, you'll find plenty of activities to participate in throughout the weekend. We encourage you to follow along in one of our online groups (Facebook and Discord) and engage with our existing game camp community. Let's embark on this unique fusion of fun together!

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