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I'm a returning KOA camper. What do I need to know?

The transition from a public campground to a private summer camp does mean that our registration process and accommodations have changed slightly. We will have exclusive use of an entire camp and all facilities for a contracted fee. Sleeping arrangements vary between lodge and cabin style rooms with bunk beds and use of field space for tent camping. Some rooms have heat and AC, some do not (cabins). Room sizes will tend to favor larger groups (smallest room sleeps six people as 3 bottom and 3 top bunks) and go up from there. We encourage you to bring your friends and room share with who you know, in order to keep lodging expenses lower for your or your group.

Can I tent or RV camp?

Primitive tent camping is allowed, but there are no "official" tent or RV sites with hookups. This means no gravel pads, electric, water, dumping stations, or personal fire pits. Tents can be set up in the grass and you may utilize any of the communal lodge bathrooms or cabin bath houses. Self contained cooking (propane stoves or grills) are allowed. Battery operated generators only. Small popups and hard walls -  under 5,000lb/20ft.

How are lodging costs determined?

We have a contracted exclusive use facility fee allowing us access to all lodging and indoor/outdoor gathering spaces. Because of this, we have established a per night cost for each of the rooms available, considering their amenities (private or shared bathrooms etc), which makes it easier for groups to cost share.

What if I can't check-in right away?

We will be able to check you in at any time during the weekend. However, room rates were determined based on the full three night/four day stay and we will not be able to reduce the cost of the room for the weekend. If you plan to reserve a room to stay on-site, the costs will remain due in full for all three nights. This may or may not have a significant impact on you, depending on if you are cost sharing with others.

How does room sharing work?

If you are a smaller group or looking to attend solo, you may consider sharing a lodge or cabin with others. We will have a special RSVP process for those interested in room sharing, which will work like a wait list. Once enough people have registered to fill a room, we will contact you with registration procedures. We also encourage you to ask within our Facebook or Discord community groups to chat with others interested in room sharing as well to identify and get to know your roommates before camp.

Are children or non-gamers welcome?

All are welcome! However, we kindly ask that you consider how much participation or accessibility to other activities your non-gamers will want. Since we are no longer using a public campground and our expenses are based on a facility rental fee, all individuals who stay on site are required to pay for registration regardless of their level of involvement in the weekend. We feel it makes the most sense for all attendees to want to stay and play.


Are meals included?

No, meals are not included. Plan ahead and pack for snacks and meals accordingly. Each lodge has a communal lounge with microwave and fridge and cabins share communal fire pit and grills. If you are a tent camper you can cook by propane stove if you have one. The camp is very close to town and there are a few options for food delivery. Cooking is NOT permitted in your rooms. If you have an electric appliance, please use them inside the lounge spaces.

Is there a schedule?

Yes, there will be a schedule provided for the weekend. How we plan our special events is unique every year. Planning for this begins once registration opens and anything we add is announced via our social media pages and community groups. What we can guarantee is tons of free play, member hosted play groups, demos, tournaments and play-to-win.

Do I need to bring anything?

Yes. Linens are not provided in any of the rentals. Please always consider packing for any weather scenario, especially if you are not in a room with heat/AC. Food for meals and your camping essentials. The camp will have firewood available, but as it is not a traditional public campground, they do not have a camp store. Everything else is up to you.

Is the camp wheelchair accessible?

Presently, not all of the lodging buildings are wheelchair accessible. Bethany Lodge does have a room equipped with a wheelchair accessible shower and ramp access for on-site stay. We understand the importance of this for our campers and are actively seeking solutions so that everyone can enjoy our weekend to the fullest extent. Attendees with mobility concerns will be allowed special parking access to general gaming space and can be arranged in advance. We are also working to ensure most of all gaming activities will be located in accessible spaces. Please reach out so we can do our best to accommodate your needs.


Do I need to register my whole group/family?

Yes, registration is required for all individuals staying on site. It is required for event participation, which includes access to the game play area, your swag, and other costs affiliated with running the event. You can designate one person to reserve your room and all badges, or just the room and have each member pay their own badge cost. Please be prepared to have your group register their badges within a week of your room registration to help us manage room assignments. For Group Opening on May 1st, we ask that your members secure badges within 72 hours.


What is the refund/cancellation policy?

S'mores & Meeples is a RAIN or SHINE event and will not be postponed or cancelled due to weather. All of our gaming occurs inside. Please ensure you are adequately prepared for all types of weather while camping. In late October, we could have low temperatures overnight. While lodges have heat, cabins do not. Space heaters are allowed to be used in the cabins.


Should you find yourself in a position that requires you to cancel your stay, the time frame to do so is as follows:


Full refund before: 7/31/2023

50% Partial refund before: 8/31/2023

No refunds will be processed after: 9/1/2023


How long do I have to register?

Registration will remain open until September 30th. There are lead times that we need to abide by when placing orders for our shirts and other items. Also, some of our sponsors require an exact number of participation and we don’t want to be short on anything. If you are interested in registering and it is after September 30th, please contact me to discuss. It’s not impossible, but it will require some workaround.


I'm local and/or I do not want camp lodging. Can I join as a guest?

We have issued visitor badges during our camping weekend in previous years. These have been limited in number and only offered if we had remaining capacity after all on-site campers registered. With our new facilities this year, we expect to be able to offer this again, but registration will not open until all on-site campers have had the opportunity to register. If visitor badges become available, we are a short distance to other accommodations.

*Walk-Ins are not allowed and visitor badges are based on availability*

What is your COVID-19 Policy?

We want to create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for all attendees. While we are no longer mandating masks or proof of vaccination, we have sanitary procedures in place and encourage everyone to take any necessary precautions based on their personal health and safety considerations. We trust that each attendee will make the decision that is best for them and those around them. Should you require a cancellation due to COVID-19 or other illness, please notify us immediately.

But, I still have questions!

No problem! Feel free contact us directly through email at, Facebook, or our website.

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