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S'mores & Meeples Registration Process

Lodging and Badges processed separately. Badges ($95) are required for all attendees.

Please review our FAQ and Camp Guidelines for additional details.

This is our first year where we will be handling lodging reservations directly. In order for us to manage this efficiently, we will be opening registration this year on a staggered schedule.

Lodging reservation requires one night deposit - balance due 9/30/23.

For multiple room reservations, please process one deposit at time so you can identify which group member is in each room.

May 1st - Groups of 6 or more will have the opportunity to reserve rooms and buy badges.
We kindly ask that all members of such group be ready to register for their badge within 72 hours.
We will not be able to hold rooms for groups with tentative members or less than 6 during this time.

Campers who are willing to room share will be asked to fill out an RSVP/wait list and will be contacted with a special PER NIGHT rate once enough sign ups are received to book a room. Please do not proceed with badge purchase until you have a room assignment.

May 8th - Group requirements will be reduced and reservations of 4 or more can be completed. Primitive camping reservations will also open. RV options have limitations and prior approval is required before reservation is completed. As mentioned, there are no hookups/sites that specifically accommodate RVs.

May 21st - Lodging options will be made fully available to all group sizes.

Camp Innabah does offer us a lot more gaming space and we fully expect to be able to offer badge-only access for the weekend for locals and others who wish to stay off-site. This is an alternative for small groups, couples, solos, etc.

However, please note - this will only be considered after we understand the capacity of all on-site campers. Badge registration for this would open mid to late summer. You may book locally in preparation of this. We recommend looking for free cancellation policies as badges for this may be limited/not 100% guaranteed.

  • S'mores & Meeples On Site Lodging
    Thu, Oct 26
    S'mores & Meeples Board Game Camp
    Camp Innabah - Primitive/RV/VAN, Lodge, or Cabin deposits. If multiple rooms or sites are required, please process one deposit at a time.
  • S'mores & Meeples Room Share
    Thu, Oct 26
    Spring City
    If you are a solo or small group willing to room share with others, you may RSVP/Waitlist and we will attempt to find you roommates! Please RSVP each member and do not proceed with on-site badge registration until you have a room assignment. Thank you!
  • S'mores & Meeples On Site Badge Registration
    Thu, Oct 26
    S'mores & Meeples Board Game Camp
    Badge registration for those who have completed their room/site deposits only.
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