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UNPUB Mini Designer Spotlight

September?! That means there are only a few weeks to go until S’mores & Meeples 2019!


As you may know, we were very excited to announce S’mores & Meeples is hosting an UNPUB Mini event this year (Saturday). However, we’re even MORE excited to be sharing with you some of the games you will be able to learn/discover!

We have an amazing group of local designers who are participating and they’ve all got some fantastic titles to share with you. If you are registered as a camper or day visitor this year, you do not want to miss out on what they will be offering. In addition, our UNPUB Mini event is supported by both The Game Crafter & Print & Play Admagic!

Here’s what’s in store:

Cardboard Fortress Games

Tank Robbers: Play as a rogue Tank crew in the last days of the war, hellbent on fame, fortune, and the ill-gotten loot hidden away in the city of Bankensberg. Use a light programming system of cards to move, heal, and blow up other tanks. Maneuver through buildings for cover, or just crush them under treads to find hidden power-ups! Blast your enemies and steal their gold as you race to the be the first to gain victory in this light tabletop combat game.

Kobolds!: Together, 2-4 fantasy heroes struggle against all odds to hold off a never-ending swarm of dastardly little kobold invaders. Blow up their dens to stop their advance for good! Play as 1 of 10 heroes on a randomly generated map in this cooperative game.

Mosquito Madness: Mosquito Madness is a light card-tossing game appropriate for all ages. Players take turns deciding whether they want to score points by tossing Mosquitoes, or squash opponent's Mosquitoes by throwing Hands. Aim for the Eye and Ear cards to disorient your rivals and gain more points! Once players have thrown all their cards, they get one last chance for bonuses and penalties by throwing bug spray.

Hit Em With A Shoe Games

Dirt Dog: Dirt Dog is about the real world sport of Earth Dog where people have their terriers race through underground dungeon like tunnels to try and find animals underground.

Bee Lives: We Will Only Know Summer is a resource management and worker placement game for 1 to 4 players where you try to survive for 1 year in nature as a hive of bees. You will select 1 of 4 different Queen types to lead your hive through the seasons of spring, summer, fall and winter. Compete against other player driven and AI driven hives as you try to rule the meadow. Can you survive winter?

Precious Cargo Games

The Miri:The power of imagination is strong in the world, and the lines between fantasy and reality are starting to blur. The Hand of Ichor taints our every day, twisting it into its own horrible image, while the light of The Miri cries out for help as it fears the rising darkness.

However, The Miri is only able to make its voice heard by mystic readings of The Cards, and needs Heroes to hear it. Those that listen are appointed a guide, an Aspect of The Miri herself, imbuing them with skills powered by the Hero's own imaginations. Heroes navigate through the readings, and help The Miri abolish the darkness once and for all!

Using a special Tarot inspired deck of cards, 3-6 Heroes will go against The Miri's adversary, The Hand of Ichor on an adventure all players create taking turns as storytellers and characters.

Designer - Brigette Indelicato

Trait Mix: Trait Mix is a fast-paced party/ice-breaker game of making connections and mixing and matching with other players. Earn scout badges through matching personality traits, experiences, and favorite things with the rest of your group, through several game rounds and modes of play. 15-30mins | 4+ players

Designer - Steven Denisevicz

How Will You Die?: How Will You Die is a horror-themed social-deduction game about making ridiculous choices in the most classic of horror scenarios. The goal is simple, the victims must find and kill the killer. But there’s a twist! The killer can, at any time, reveal themselves and try to take out all other players in a wild blaze of glory!

Friendly reminder that this is not a public event and you must be registered for S'mores & Meeples weekend!

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